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Buy or Lease your website
A new website can be a major expense so, like almost any other business asset, it is possible to obtain financing for the cost of building and maintaing the site.
Corporate CD/DVD/Business Card
The CD has become the cheapest way to distribute information to your customers, you can even have it access your website from the customer's premises to ensure that all information is current.
Newsletter management
A good newsletter mailing list can be worth a fortune in future sales to your organisation but the newsletter needs to be of the right quality and the mailing list needs to be carefully maintained. Unless you have the available human resources in-house it may be very wise for you to consider outsourcing this function.
Taking and preparing photographs for use on the web that will enhance your product or service AND your website is a specialist skill. Talk to us if you need help in this area.
Press releases
We have experts that can handle your Press release program, they know which publications will be interested in what you have to say, in what format it will stand the best chance of reaching publication and when is the best time to release information. They can also deal with follow-up enquiries from the press on your behalf.
Trade Mark registration
As more and more business is transacted in the electronic world your organisation's trading name/s, domain name/s become more and more valuable, and subject to attack. It is much cheaper and wiser to register your trading style before some one else does.

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