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VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) - How to be at Home and in the Office at the same time

A VPN can bring you all the advantages of being able to connect to your office computer from anywhere in the world SAFELY for a suprisingly small installation cost.

Do you want to work from home and still have access to all the files and resources that you have at work? Do you have staff that could work from home, saving you money in office space? Why not connect your home or other offices to your main office? Thanks to new technology this is a rapidly growing area. Using VPN (Virtual Private Networks) you can connect geographically diverse (anywhere in the world) sites together using secure encrypted links, allowing you to work from anywhere just as if you were in the office - you can send and receive mail, share files, diary, printers and faxes just as if you were sitting at your office desk. It is surprisingly inexpensive too, from under £500 per site.

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Perhaps you don't work from an office at all. Do you have to go home to check your Email and diary when customers call for an appointment? Why not let us host your Email for you. With secure access from any PC in the world, using a web browser you can send and receive your Email and check or update your diary. Maybe someone at home books the appointments for you? With an on-line diary you can check that you really are free when you think you are and avoid the embarrassment of double booking important appointments.

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