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Internet Scams
Make certain your accounts staff are aware of this internet scam. It could result in you losing your domain name.

Internal Network Security
It is a fact that 70% of all data security incidents are perpetrated from the inside!  Although you carefully vet your employees when you hire them mistakes can happen as can malicious behaviour.  Some of this is likely to be due to someone 'experimenting' or just making a mistake, either way good internal data security is essential for your peace of mind.  NSI can audit your internal security and produce a report highlighting the vulnerabilities and suggest actions to minimise the risks to your company and it's data. Contact us

Mail Screening
As the head of any British company is now legally responsible for all date residing or originating from that company, it is becoming increasingly important to know exactly what data is entering and leaving your company. NSI can install monitoring software which can alert on specific criteria whilst monitoring your inbound and outbound Email.  By setting special parameters, specific to your company's profile mail can automatically be checked for inappropriate content, scripting and even viruses. Contact us

Staff Browsing Protection and Auditing
As is the case for Email, web browsing in any organisation should be tightly controlled, or at least monitored.  There have been cases of senior company officials facing criminal charges because of their legal responsibility for their staff's actions. 

Consider a user who browses to a site containing illegal images, even by accident.  The images which they see are cached (stored on their PC) automatically by their Internet Explorer browser.

Later one of these images is discovered by a service engineer - or someone else from outside the company who is using that PC.  The head of the company is legally responsible and subsequently charged because of this evidence. NSI can install and configure special software to tightly control what content can be viewed by your staff.  This system also logs and reports on all browsing activity by username, making it easy to monitor your staff's browsing habits. Contact us

Staff Policy Draft and E-enforcement
We have already covered E-enforcement in the previous two sections. However, how do you decide what is acceptable browsing, inappropriate content for inbound and outbound Mail?  NSI can help you to draft a policy which is unique to your company.  This makes life easier for all concerned, since your staff can and must, refer to the policy and they know exactly what they can and can't do, and the board can relax in the knowledge that there are definitive documentary standards which are being enforced.

There is also a need for a security response policy, a document outlining the action to be taken in the event of a data security breach or a virus or any other disaster, having a clear plan of what to do in the event of a problem provides much needed peace of mind to those responsible for the companies data. Contact us


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