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A computer purchased from a major manufacturer will no doubt be of high quality and may well have the requisite software preloaded. It is unlikely, however, to be configured to the user's requirements and may also contain irritating extra programs which though useful to a few are inevitably a nuisance to the majority.

We can deliver and install new computers with the following features:

Either supplied by a major manufacturer or handbuilt by our own qualified engineers.
An adequate but not unduly excessive specification for the purposes required.
Requisite software already preloaded, licensed and registered.

E-mail, Internet and any Networks connections all configured.

Virus protection in place and up to date.
Firewall installed and active.
Desktop configured for the way you work.
Users and passwords set up.

In addition we can transfer data from existing computer(s) to your new PC.

You may also be experiencing occasional problems with your existing computers. Reasons may include:

The PCB (Power Control Board) which is often marginal in a new computer starts to degrade.
Various detritus - typically old temporary files - builds up on the disks.
The hard disk surface suffers occasional 'stutters' - no data loss but enough to cause delays.

Viruses and malicious code or subsequent damage therefrom might be lurking unseen.

To remedy this we offer a refurbishment service where we do the following:

Copy file data to a place of safety.
Replace the PCB with a more powerful one thus leaving a margin for decay.
Possibly upgrade memory, CPU and other internal parts.

Check hard disk for integrity.

Clear hard disk of all data (thus removing detritus and anything malicious).
Re-install and configure original software.
Configure e-mail, Internet and network connections.
Install up to data virus protection and firewall.
Configure desktop to your requirements.
Set up users and passwords.
Restore original data.

The refurbishment service is obviously cheaper than replacing new with old. It may be worth acquiring a refurbished computer as a backup to your existing PC.

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