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There are 100's of sites containing software lists, this is not one of them, instead this is a list of some of the programs and sites that we use to run our business, they are programs or links that we regard as essential and it has taken us years and many thousands of pounds to find and test them, you may find some of them valuable to you.

( Some of these programs have affiliate schemes that we have joined, they are marked with a red square below.)
ACDC - Image software
We have used this software for many years and, while I am sure there are other brands on the market that are just as good, this one just feels right.
Analogue - Excellent free software
This is the leanest and fastest set of programs I have found. From a Screen Saver that can play music to a Port Blocker with about thirty other programs in between. Essential software.
Check DNS - Free DNS checking site
If you suspect there may be a problem with your DNS settings, this is the place to go.

Dreamweaver MX - (including Fireworks, Flash and Contribute)
We use these to build and maintain all of our sites.

Epirates - More affiliate programs than you could ever need
If you want to learn every trick in the book about how to make money on the net, then start here.
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
It is difficult to describe my admiration for Zoltan Milosevic who wrote this search engine, it is one of the most comprehensive and expertly written software packages I have ever used - and you can try it for free!
Eudora PRO - Email
Because this program is separate from windows it does not seem to have the same vulnerability to being hacked.
Hot Links Pro - Directory
This is a new addition to our list of essential software, it is a MySQL/Perl based directory program which seems to be better than anything we have found so far.
Info Magic - Keeping all your information always to hand.
My favourite program of all time, it was written by Jim Evans and I rate it above every other program of its kind I have ever tried, and there is a free version!
Membership Manager - A mature and comprehensive program
Written by the people who created the Ultimate Affiliate program.
Jaws PDF - PDF creation
It just works without any fuss at all.
Mind Manager - Site mapping and reporting
Designed as presentation and brainstorming software, this doubles brilliantly as a means of planning and developing navigation structures for web sites.
Revelation - Display your password
A very useful little program that, when you forget, will tell you what your password is by deciphering those little black blobs
SamSpade - DNS
Free DNS and network tools
Site Sell - Building an E-commerce site
One of the most famous marketing resources on the web, making it essential reading for anyone hoping to make money on the web.
Smarter Scripts - CGI scripts
Great scripts, many free - We have every script this guy has ever written, including the ones you have to pay for!
Spyware Protection Site - has a free downloadable protection program.
Ultimate Affiliate (MySQL) - Affiliate software
Best we have found.
Xenu - Link checker
Fast, well written and free. Best we have found.

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