The Process
The process of setting-up a new web site is essentially simple, here is an outline of the steps involved:
1 You tell us the target benefits you want your new site to bring to your organisation.
  2 We will produce an outline proposal with estimated costs.
  3 You approve the proposal.
  4 We will then produce a detailed specification for the site in consultation with you.
  5 You approve the detailed specification.
  6 We will collect existing content for your proposed site from you and commence the production of any additional copy/photographs/artwork required.
  7 We create sample pages showing the proposed design and navigation for your approval.
  8 You approve the proposed design and navigation.
  9 We create the full site.
  10 You approve the site.
  11 Site goes live.
  12 Site progress is reviewed after an agreed period.

Defining Targets - If you would like to print a copy of these questions then click here
If this is your company's first site, step one in the sequence above is often the most difficult part of the process so here is a list of some questions you may find useful in defining target goals for your site.
1 Who is the site intended for ?

a. Potential new customers

b. Existing customers

c. A sales tool to be used by your in-house sales people

d. A public relations tool

e. An information resource

f. A stand-alone sales outlet with e-commerce facilities

g. Another purpose

COMMENT: Please rank the above in order of importance to your organisation.
  2 Who are your main competitors and what Internet strategy are they currently following ?
NSI can provide a report of the internet visibility of your competitors.
  3 How do you intend to attract visitors to your website ?

a. Through paid-listings in search engines and directories

b. Through free listings in search engines and directories

c. Off-net advertising in the other media such as radio, newspapers, posters, etc

d. Internal promotion as part of your normal contact with your potential visitors
NSI Partners can arrange all forms of media promotion on and off the Net.
  4 What products or services do you want to promote ?

What budget do you wish to allocate for:-

a. The creation of your site ?

b. The ongoing promotion of your site ?

  6 Where will the potential visitors to your site be browsing from:-

a. Their homes ?

b. Their workplace ?

If the answer is workplace then please advise the industry sector.
  7 What geographic area do you wish to attract visitors from ?

What design style and colours do you want to use for your new site?

a. Your organisations current literature ?

b. A new approach ?

NSI's graphic artists can produce a selection of designs for you to choose from.

  9 Do you wish to have access to areas of your new site in order to update selected content yourself ?

NSI can provide on-site training to your staff.
  10 What search terms would your potential visitors use to try to find your site on the net ?
NSI can provide information on the popularity of each term you specify.
  11 How often will you want new content added to the site ?
NSI can establish a regular maintenance program for any desired frequency.
  12 What domain name/s do you wish to use ?

NSI provides a Domain Name registration service.

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