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This is a technique that could more than double the right type of visitor to your site.

Having a great web site is one thing, getting visitors, especially the right visitors, to go to it is another.

Ensuring your site is prominent on the search engines when the visitors you want are looking for what you are offering is vital - otherwise they simply will not find you.

It can be very expensive to buy advertising banners etc on search engines and you could be paying for a lot of people to see them who do not want what you are offering.

The alternative is to pay for each visitor - pay-per-click. Each search engine has a different way of offering this - some have several.

It is important to pick the most appropriate search terms for your web site and your potential customers and to select very carefully when the advertising is shown. By selecting the occasions your advertising is seen allows you to target it with a good degree of accuracy and create a highly cost-effective campaign, getting your web site advertised to exactly those people who seem to be looking for what you have on offer.

Two thoughts to keep in mind when buying search terms:-

  1. In the same way that texting on a mobile phone is changing the way people spell, for "nxt wk" read "next week", so are the search engines changing the way people think. The first time someone searches for "car insurance" they discover that there are more than 10,000 firms happy to deal with them. The trouble is that the vast majority are in the US and they don't operate in the UK. Rather than searching again, our visitor just refines their search by adding UK on the end of the existing search term. Result, their next search is for "car insurance UK" rather than the more logical "UK car insurance". If you check the frequency of search terms in the major search engines you will see the effect of this new logic.
  2. Your competitors will be trying to buy search terms in the thousands so to compete seriously you must be prepared to make certain that your company can extract the maximum value from each visitor AND you must know exactly how much each visitor is worth to you.

A great deal of fine-tuning is needed to get the best out of this and it does need regular reviews.

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