It is very important that your website is built to suit the needs of the people who will be using it.

1. Your visitor could want to look at your site using a mobile phone, their TV, a very old computer or a state of the art 28 inch LCD screen.
  2. Your most important customers could be in a part of the world where new computers are not available, or behind a corporate firewall where certain types of content such as active X code or Flash movies are banned. This is often the case in Local Authority and Government departments.
  3. Most search engines don't understand pictures and need help with what to look for.
  4. Many countries have, or are adopting, regulations requiring your site to be useable by people with various disabilities.

NSI have a standard specification for a new site which covers most of the important areas you need to consider. Each of the areas have additional options to enable your site to be extended to accommodate specific needs. This specification will be modified from time to time to keep pace with advancing technology/regulations and existing sites can be up-rated on request.

Here is the current standard specification which is designed to produce a fast loading website capable of being used by most people and (as far as we know) all search engines:

Current Standard
Code HTML 4.01 XML
Frames Not used Available
Language UK English As required
Javascript Used As required
Flash Not used Available
Java Not used Available
Active X/VB script Not used Available
Screen size
  • 760 x 420 (800 x 600) (Default selection) or
  • 1020 x 670 or
  • 760 x 420 (800 x 600) expanding automatically up to 1020 x 670
Pages optimized for Web TV (544 x 378) and on WAP phones
Graphics Graphic formats used are JPEG and GIF, all graphics are optimized for fast downloading as the page is called. Scripts to pre-load graphics for subsequent pages are available.
png is available as an additional format.
Colours All background and text colours will be taken from a selection of 216 colours regarded as being "web safe".
Graphics may contain any colours
As required
Meta Tags used Content Type Others as required
Accessibility U.K. Standard audio video use. Other uses and countries, including U.S. Section 508 compliance (at specified level) as required
Browsers Sites are built to be useable by IE4, IE5 and Netscape 5 Others as required
Server side languages Perl and PHP4 script languages are used to provide interactive pages, together with MySQL databases. Others as required
Statistics The Index page will carry a tiny graphic device to enable page usage to be determined. Others as required

If you would like us to build your site to a different specification then do please let us know what changes you require, also please do tell us before we start work on your site.

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