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It is essential to keep your site up to date so that you can take advantage of the growing opportunities offered by the internet. Unfortunately this is easier said than done as many of the sites hosted today were created by people/companies that are long gone!

Also, however good or bad a site may be, over time it could well have acquired a substantial collection of other sites linking to it. A new or re-designed site could jeopardise that traffic by changing or removing pages that are the target for the inbound links.

So the process of upgrading starts with an analysis of the current traffic being attracted to the site, what search engines and directories are supporting the site and how profitable the site is for its owners.

Where a site has been neglected, probably anything more than twelve months without attention, there are two possible approaches:

  1. Retain the site in its current form with only slight changes and create an entirely new site to run in parallel with it. But with clear invitations to visitors to go to the new site.
  2. Bite the bullet and create a new site while trying to retain as many of the page titles and copy from the old site as possible.

Which option is right for your site will depend on the particular circumstances but is worth bearing in mind that a web site can be regarded as a single shop front and many large retailers in the bricks and mortar world have hundreds of shops.

Running separate web sites for each of your companies products or areas of business often allows you the opportunity to get multiple listings on search engines.

We can help you to analysis your traffic and we are able to upgrade existing sites and create new or companion sites. Click on the link below if you would like to talk to us.

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